Learn to Kayak Lessons...beginners & all

Kayaking tuition from an Accredited Instructor...3 Hours clinic

  • 150 Australian dollars
  • Location to be advised

Service Description

Invest in 3 hours of Kayaking tuition to ensure you get the right advice, to sustain good health and protect muscle strains and ensure you make the best choice with the right equipment whilst boosting your confidence and safety in this comprehensive program by an Industry Professional Instructor and guide. Beginners to advanced paddlers welcome. Want to bring your own kayak? sure no problem as long as its suitable. Course Basics: What you will be taught...extensive yes, but well worth it. 1) Overview and introduction to kayaking. 2) Equipment Orientation/Dress Code/Hazards/PFD’s/Spray Decks. 3) Individual Fitting of Participants to Kayaks. 4) Sheltered beach for dry run paddling exercises. 5) Paddling Technique including Paddler's Box technique and importance/ (Dry Run) 6) Stroke Practice includes: Forward Stroke / Stopping Stroke / Backwards or Reverse Stroke, Sweep (turning stroke) / Draw (sideways stroke) / Low Brace. High Brace and sculling brace demonstration only. 7) Capsize Drill - and re-entries (In water shallow enough to stand in...to be completed toward end of session) voluntary only...not expected if not comfortable...dry land based demonstration also for sea and sit on top kayaks. 8) Self Rescue Options... Paddle Float Rescue – Practice...Wet Exits and re-entries for sea kayaks. Intermediate and advanced paddlers with more challenging skills as requested to learn including Eskimo rolling and cowboy re-entries / self assisted and T/rescues. PFD's must be worn on ALL lessons and paddles.

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